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As human beings, we will inevitably come to a point in life when we ask ourselves who am I, why was I born, and what is my purpose. The answers to these profound questions are found in God. God gives us specific gifts and talents to be used for His ultimate glory. It is through doing the will of God that we find true happiness, peace, and meaning.

In Kingdom Leadership: Leading God’s Way To Fulfill Purpose, you will discover the reasons for your gifts and talents, and what they are to be used for. God created you for His purpose. His purpose created you. And when you find your purpose, you find the God who created you.



An unrevealed purpose leads humanity to chase fleeting and temporal pleasures as a substitute for God’s intentions and revealed plans. No amount of worldly consumption and praise can give peace or eradicate humankind’s innate drive towards God, its creator.

The world is filled with brokenness and too many unrealized dreams. Nations are consumed with war and rumors of war. Too many individuals are burdened with excessive poverty and disease. Racial and ethnic conflicts polarize societies. Still, others are trapped by unconstrained moral conflicts, various forms of addiction, consumerism, power grabs, and religious strife. All of these things above are futile attempts at gaining a relationship, purpose, and meaning from life. They are a result of humanity, not knowing God and God’s purpose for their lives.

For people to find peace, purpose, and fulfillment in life, it must come through communing with God and living according to God’s Word, rules, and principles. God seeks to be reconciled with what He created. God is always available to His creation if sought. It is one’s pursuit and obedience to God’s will after many meaningless activities and disappointments that will reestablish one to their original and intended purpose.

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6 reviews for Kingdom Leadership (Autographed Paperback)

  1. Lynn

    What an awesome leadership book! This is a must read!

  2. Anthony R.

    This is a must read for every leader! This powerfully written book will inspire and point you to God.

  3. Nicki T.

    I was really blessed by this book. Dr. Sizer did a great job helping me understand my purpose. A must read!

  4. Ronnie H.

    God birth us for purpose and Dr. Sizer’s insight caused me to reexamine mine. If you are called to lead, this book is a must read!

  5. Viola Breaux

    Kingdom Leadership, a book written by Dr. Monteic A. Sizer, teaches us God’s way to fulfill His purpose. The book helps Kingdom Leaders to learn to impact the earth and help His people embrace their gifts and talents for God. The book describes principles and cycles leaders go through while being in communion with God. Dr. Sizer writes that leadership can be developed and enhanced based on obedience to God. Leaders should not be detoured from God’s Word, purpose or rules. Kingdom Leaders will see God’s hand in all of His creation when one is obedient to Him.

  6. Bertha Howard

    This is a book that will first remind you that there is a purpose to your life. Dr Monteic Sizer allowed God to use him to lay out spiritual principles to help individuals realize and achieve their God given purpose in life. Dr. Sizer presented to the reader step by step ways to fulfilling purpose. This book would benefit anyone in a leadership role. This is a must read, a blessed read.

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