How do you say goodbye to what you love? Saying goodbye in the natural is hard. Saying goodbye in the spirit is easy. In the natural, leaders are connected to people, emotions, things, losses, and victories. In the spirit, Kingdom Leaders are concerned with God’s will. Kingdom Leaders understand that life is about purpose, seasons, transitions, and timing. Essentially, Kingdom Leaders are in a constant state of being and becoming as they are being reconciled back to God. Letting go is the Kingdom Leaders way. Holding on is the natural leader’s way. So, if you genuinely love something, you must change your perspective of it and let it go. What you love can’t grow if you can’t see its potential. Your limitations on what you love restrict, and will ultimately limit what you say you love. Leaders, how can you genuinely love what you refuse to say goodbye to? Let go and let God!

Dr. Monteic A. Sizer