As you seek new opportunities, get into a quiet place. Reflect and commune with God! Eliminate the distractions. God is waiting to prune, equip, and give you new insights! Remember, where God is about to take you, you have not been before. He requires your obedience and dependence! Like the majestic eagle, you must beat off the old you so that the new you can come forth! Beat off your haters, fears, and disappointments. You need fresh feathers that are grounded in faith, mercy, and service to others! Additionally, where you are going, look for others who are flying at your altitude! Look for people and organizations who can see what you see! Don’t be like buzzards! They eat dead things! They eat controversy, pessimism, greed and seek to feed on your past! You must learn to bow your head and raise your hands to God!

Dr. Monteic A. Sizer